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Master Flight Training

The mountain flying intro course was developed for people who wanted a hands-on introduction to the real-life world of Mountain Flying.  The training is taught by experienced mountain trained instructors. This course is based on the work of Pilot Safety Institute, a non-profit group, with the  mission of reducing GA Accidents.  To learn more please click
3 hours Ground Instruction

  • AC Performance
  • Mountain Weather
  • C206 Systems
  • Off Pavement Ops
  • Mountain Flying Survival Equipment
  • GPS, Terrain Awareness Systems
  • Canyon Turns2.5 hours Flight Time Cessna 206

Flight Experience

  • XC to Big Bear 3 Landings
  • Canyon Turn Demo
  • Dirt Runway Landing
  • Mountain Ridge Crossing
  • Density Altitude Takeoffs
  • GPS, Terrain Awareness Use

Only $699 in your airplane*
Rental airplanes are also available.
*Your airplane must be pre-approved by our instructors prior to the flight as safe for the conditions

From Experienced MOUNTAIN TRAINED Instructors
If you would like more information on our mountain flying course including scheduling, airplane requirements, or group discounts please call us 714-493-9747 or fill out the form below.

Learn from a Master CFI who lives at and flies from a Mountain Airport: