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Master Flight Training

Southern California Bases Long Beach and Big Bear or We come to you!




3-7 Days Trips

The vacation of a lifetime with a lot of real life weather and mountain flying built in.  Your family visits amazing national parks and you become a better pilot.  Everyone Wins!


Gary is a mountain flying expert who lives at and flies regularly out of Big Bear Airport at 6700' surrounded by 10,000' terrain.  He teaches mountain flying all over the US and has students who come from Europe to fly with him.

What airplane?

1 Day Intro

Fly from KLGB into L35 Big Bear, learn basic weather, high altitude flying, decision making, and emergency maneuvers.  Starting at only $699.

We Come To You!

Anywhere in the US and start the trip in your airplane!


You come to us and we provide the airplane.  Whatever is easier and better for you! Round Trip Transportation from SoCal Airports is included