Is this ground school too and is flight time included?
It is both ground and flight training.  Flight time is included in your airplane with your avionics!

I own a Garmin G1000, GTN, or G430/530, is this only for Avidyne owners?
Gary is an expert in all GPS navigators used in GA

What's better to train in Texas or where I live?

You'll learn more by coming to our airport in North Texas, because you'll get away from work/family distractions.  It may be more convenient for Gary to come to you.  He's available to train pilots anywhere in the world and has trained people from Alaska to Australia.

How can I contact you with questions?

Email GaryR@PilotSafety.org

How do I book?

Call or email us to book your 3 days and make a 50% deposit.  It's very simple.

Are you a good pilot who wants to be  a true master and safer flying IFR with GPS Systems?  Are you up for the challenge of a mastery course?

If you are an IFR student, instructor or ATP, come to TX & train with Master CFI, Gary Reeves.  He is the leading national expert in single pilot IFR and GPS use.  After 3 days in busy Dallas/FtW orth airspace with approaches, sids, stars in and out of Class B and C airports using advanced GPS, Autopilot, and ForeFlight techniques, you will be much more confident flying anywhere in the US

This is a very intense program where you will fly IFR and land at Class B & C airports with SID/STARS and busy ATC. This training is designed for good pilots like you, who want to be more confident with GPS in Single Pilot IFR.

Accelerated 3 day training is the best way to master IFR using GPS units

  • >18 hours of combined ground and flight instruction
  • Training away from home/work minimizes distractions
  • Private classes limited to ONLY 3 PILOTS-REGISTER NOW
  • Advanced training:
  • GPS / Glass Displays / Autopilots / ForeFlight and Heads-Up Display!
  • IPC & Flight Review included*
  • All Ground and Flight Time is included in one low fee.

                                                           *IPC & Flight Review based on student ability & FAA standards

3 Full Days of ground and flight time

with the top national expert in Single-Pilot IFR

for only $2900 total

Master Flight Training