We are the experts in making you safe:

You have invested a lot of money in the best avionics for your airplane, contact us today to really learn how to use it effectively and in an emergency when you need it the most.

Train with us in Southern California or we will come to you anywhere in the United States.


Which Option will make you really understand and be safe when flying Single Pilot IFR?

  1. Training with a new instructor at your local flight school- Not much experience and can take months.
  2. Taking a guaranteed 10 day course-Good if you want to learn the MINIMUMS necessary to pass an FAA test.
  3. A Personalized course designed to make you safe and way above the minimums to pass a test.  I don't guarantee you will pass a test in 10 days because I want you to be able fly Single Pilot IFR in real weather and come home safe to your family every time.  The amount of time is determined more than anything by the amount of assigned studying you do before I arrive.  I've completed IFR training in as little as 5 days and up to 20 depending on how much the student studied.

Master Flight Training