3-4 DAY Avidyne Mastery Program

If you own or are buying an Avidyne system.  You can train with Master CFI, Gary Reeves.  He travels all over the US and into Canada to work with individual pilots...
Become a master in your airplane, at your airport. 

This is a very intense program where Gary will work only with you to complete a flight review, IPC, Emergency Training, and advanced Avidyne Mastery.  This class is designed for Pilots like you who really want to be safer and know how to work every part of the advanced Avidyne systems.

There are still 2 dates avail in June! 

Don't miss your chance to become a master of your aircraft!

Avidyne Announces Training Partner for IFD Series - Oshkosh, WI – Sunday, July 24, 2016 – 

Avidyne Corporation announced that they have teamed with Master Instructor, Gary Reeves and PilotSafety.org  to develop new, in-depth training programs for Avidyne’s avionics product line, starting with their IFD440/540/545/550 FMS GPS systems.

“We are pleased to have Gary Reeves and PilotSafety.org as a designated training partner,” said Mitch Biggs, Avidyne’s Vice President of Sales & Marketing. “Gary has significant expertise as a professional instructor, especially in single-pilot operations and with GPS technology, and we believe our customers will find it very beneficial.”

Reeves’ comprehensive training program will include the following:

  • Free webinars, which are available now. - visit www.PilotSafety.org to register.
  • Free 90 minute training DVD with each new unit purchased. This video will also be available on line at Avidyne.com or PilotSafety.org at no charge.
  • Free training seminars will be available at national aviation events, like EAA AirVenture, Sun n’ Fun, FLYING Aviation Expo, and others, presented live by Gary Reeves.
  • Flight Instructor training programs including, free lesson plans and teaching guides will be created.
  • A six hour Mastery video training system avail at www.PilotSafety.org
  • A three day one-on-one intensive master training program in the owner's aircraft at their home airport.Type your paragraph here.




Checklists creation & use

Timer creation & Use

Weather & Traffic Displays


Organization and setup for IFR Flight

Errors & Emergencies

Database Use & Self-Test

Autopilot & Display Use

Alternate Use & More…

MULTI-ENGINE ONLY:  Engine Failure during Takeoff Roll before VMC & Engine Failure after liftoff (Sim)
 & Single Engine Instrument Approach & Landing

Book now!

Only 3 Clients booked every month

Become a Master in

Your Airplane at Your Airport!

3-Day Flat Fee of $4500

4-Day Flat Fee of $5300

There are never any additional added expenses!

International Clients will know additional travel costs before contract.


Dates Subject to Change, Details coming soon.

June 2017 TEXAS

August 2017 Chicago, IL

October 2017 Southern California


Basic IFR Fundamentals

Turns / S & L

ILS , LPV, PAR(If Avail) Approaches

LOC , VOR, LNAV Approaches

Circling Approaches

Missed Approaches

Holds & Custom Holds

DME Arcs

Electrical & Vacuum Failures

iPad only approaches

IFR Four Fundamentals

Stabilized Approaches


Normal & XW Takeoff & Landings

Short & Soft Takeoff & Landing

Advanced Pre-Flight Inspections

Airport Operations

Aborted Takeoff &


Power On & Off Stalls

Unusual Attitude Recovery

Steep Turns & Ground Reference Maneuvers

Diversion & Lost Procedures

Emergency Descents & Landings

Engine Failure after liftoff (Sim)


Aeronautical Decision Making

Aircraft Performance & Limitations

Advanced systems training

Weather Review

XC Flight Planning

Lost Procedures

Emergency Equipment & Survival Gear

Avidyne IFD550/540/440 Master Training Videos

>6 hours with Real In-Flight Video / Step by step instructions to make anyone a pro!
Detailed information on every chapter/page and when to use
Detailed explanation of functions / Shortcuts & Pro tips
Correcting common mistakes / Step-by-Step Instructions

Only $149 for over 5 hours of training
Choose DVD or USB Stick or Online Course

Available Now at www.PilotSafety.org

Master Flight Training

Train in your airplane at your location.