Avidyne IFD550/540/440 Video, Ground, and Flight Training Now Available

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Avidyne Announces Training Partner for IFD Series - Oshkosh, WI – Sunday, July 24, 2016 – 

Avidyne Corporation announced that they have teamed with Master Instructor, Gary Reeves and PilotSafety.org  to develop new, in-depth training programs for Avidyne’s avionics product line, starting with their IFD440/540/545/550 FMS GPS systems.

“We are pleased to have Gary Reeves and PilotSafety.org as a designated training partner,” said Mitch Biggs, Avidyne’s Vice President of Sales & Marketing. “Gary has significant expertise as a professional instructor, especially in single-pilot operations and with GPS technology, and we believe our customers will find it very beneficial.”

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