We never train to the minimum standards to pass a check-ride.   You and our other clients care more about safety and their family then anything else.  That's why our clients buy the best in avionics, and technology.  We know why you want to train with the best, because your family wants you to come home.

Committed to providing you safety based, professional training focused on you and your needs only.


If you want to be great at GPS and IFR you should train with the best.

Gary has over 6800 hours experience and understands being great in your airplane, requires training in your airplane! 


If you want a professional master instructor focused on you and your needs.  If you really want to be the best at flying and be safe.  We'd be honored to support you.


There are over 112,000 flight instructors in the United States, less than 800 have ever been awarded the title Master Instructor.  For more information on the highest form of recognition please visit www.MasterInstructors.org


Gary GPS (Guy in Pink Shirt) Reeves

  • > 8,000-hour Airline Transport Pilot
  • The only Avidyne and Genesys National Training Provider
  • Two-time Master Flight, Instrument, Multi-Engine Instructor
  • Lead FAA Safety Team Rep
  • Nationally known pubic speaker as the top international expert in Single Pilot IFR using autopilots, GPS, and ForeFlight
  • Speaking Engagements: NW Aviation Expo, SunNFun, Airventure(Oshksosh), AOPA Fly-Ins
  • Published Author:  Including AirFacts Journal
  • Aviation Safety Contributor, NBC News Los Angeles


Professional focused only on your safety

Master Flight Training

Is keeping you safe


For over nine years, I've been teaching with an emphasis on safety and technology.  Autopilots, iPads, Garmin and other GPS will help you be a better and safer pilot, ONLY IF, you know how to use them.

As a national leader in General Aviation Safety I promise that you will become a safety pro and really understand your airplane before you pass.